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Following her conceptual debut, "And She Spoke" (2021),Hamburger continues to showcase her immense talent and ability to transform emotions into captivating melodies… Allow yourself to be immersed within the blurred lines and the harmonious coexistence of light and dark, that ultimately remind us all of the interconnectedness of our shared human experience.” - A.A. Cristi

Broadway World

The combination of Alex Hamburger's haunting singing and solid flute playing with the strong backing of Martins, Weiss and Kuesel makes for an involving and moving set. This is a fine release whose power slowly grows.” - Jerome Wilson

All About Jazz

An Ambitiously Translucent Debut Album by Flutist and Singer Alex Hamburger…It’s reason to look forward to whatever else this eclectic artist has cooking” - Alan Young

New York Music Daily

Hamburger wants to "question our perception of reality" and "explore the limits of our human experience". She can do that quite well with her fellow campaigners- the slightly dreamy music solves quite the one or other with an eye-opening experience” - Rolf Thomas


Hamburger credits Black women as being especially important agents of change in the area of women’s rights, and these figures have helped artists like Hamburger have a prominent voice that’s sophisticated, gritty and highly memorable on this fantastic first record. ” - Tom Haugen

Take Effect

An album whose spontaneity and subtle sophistication reveal new treasures with each listening.” - Patrick Dallongeville


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Situation Fluxus” - CKDisturbance

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Bite Size Jazz” - Stephanie Steele

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Co-organizers Hamburger and Hurley thought it was important to have a music festival created and executed by the people who live, organize, and make art in the city. My Body, My Festival taps into the expansive organizing power of D.C.’s local music and abortion advocacy through DCAF’s long-standing relationships with community organizations, artists, and small and locally owned businesses across the city... My Body, My Festival is set to be a revolutionary celebration of D.C.’s strong local music scene, small businesses, and ongoing support for abortion access. ” - Serena Zets

Washington City Paper