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The combination of Alex Hamburger's haunting singing and solid flute playing with the strong backing of Martins, Weiss and Kuesel makes for an involving and moving set. This is a fine release whose power slowly grows.” - Jerome Wilson

All About Jazz

I am enthralled with Alex Hamburger’s composition and her talents on the flute. On these highly orchestrated, textural and creative arrangements, Alex presents a series of stories that share arcs of resistance, grace and grit.” - Dee Dee McNeil


This highly orchestrated assortment is a thoughtful sequence of trailblazing narratives from figures such as influential jazz musicians Geri Allen and Mary Lou Williams to Maya Angelou and Joni Mitchell. Notably, the artist's own grandmother, poet and activist Ana Maria R. Codas, even gets a nod” - Chloe Rabinowitz

Broadway World

Playing a rich flute and singing a bit, husky voiced Alex Hamburger brings in a flexible team of Jose Luiz Martins/p-key, Doug Weiss/b and  Chase Elodia/dr to interpret her own material and some clever Baby Boomer pieces. Of the latter, she’s quite bohemian on the artsy take of The Beatles’ “Across the Universe” and stirring with Weiss on Joni Mitchell’s “Last Chance Lost”. She gives a tribute to the dearly departed pianist Geri Allen, with her rich flute teaming up on a sophisticated read of “Unconditional Love” and goes a bit left of center on Mary Lou Williams’ “What’s Your Story Morning Glory”. Her own “La Deseperacion…” has some fragrant Asian harmonies teamed with poetry, while deeply bowed bass work blends with Hamburger’s dark flute on a fluid “Waking In The City”. Creative currents.” - George W. Harris

Jazz Weekly

Conceived as a tribute to the authors and musicians who paved the way for the expression of women before her own, the eight tracks that compose it (of which only the instrumental and concluding “Burning The Letters” turn out to be from her pen alone) split between the setting to music of poems by Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison (as well as by her own maternal grandmother, the Paraguayan activist Ana Maria R. Codas), and adaptations of titles by Geri Allen (“Unconditional Love”), Joni Mitchell (“Last Chance Lost”) and John Lennon (“Across The Universe”). In alert Latin jazz mode (the exciting “Waking In The City”, “Unconditional Love” and “It Comes Unadorned”), the aerial complicity of Alex's voluble flute and her vocals with the acoustic piano and the Fender Rhodes of Martins (as well as the infallible rhythmic imprinted by Doug Weiss' double bass and the delicate drumming of Chase Elodia) raise this first attempt to the rank of master stroke. An album whose spontaneity and subtle sophistication reveal new treasures with each listening.” - Patrick Dallongeville


Focused on sharing women’s stories — from poets and activists to composers and songwriters — the album offers original music and fresh interpretations of enduring works. Exploring pieces from Geri Allen, Maya Angelou, Mary Lou Williams, Joni Mitchell and her own grandmother, poet and activist Ana Maria R. Codas, Hamburger creates a highly orchestrated, textural experience that unfolds in thoughtful sequence. ”

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