Burger Sounds is a production company dedicated to placing community building, social activism, and inclusivity at the heart of its artistic pursuits

Burger Sounds emerged as a creative endeavor during my second year of producing "My Body, My Festival," a music festival and benefit in collaboration with DC Abortion Fund. The festival revolves around fostering community, celebrating the DC music community, de-stigmatizing abortion, and raising funds for a cause. Amidst the planning and execution, I solidified my deep passion for organizing and producing events, concerts, and benefits. My years of experience working for the production team at the Mid Atlantic Jazz Festival and booking shows and tours internationally have given me a strong background with a wide range of skills in event production. 

Engaging with Burger Sounds means embracing a core message of community. Shaped by my upbringing in Washington DC's culturally rich environment, surrounded by a vibrant arts community, I see music as a powerful tool for creating and sustaining positive, inclusive communities. Burger Sounds seeks to realize this vision through festivals and events, fostering tangible and sustainable environments where artists, volunteers, and audiences forge lasting connections.

Burger Sounds and DC Abortion Fund (DCAF) present 


A three-day abortion access access music festival 

MBMF 2024 was a huge success! Thank you to all of our donors, vendors, artists, community and media partners and to our co-producer DC Abortion Fund! 

Stay Tuned for MBMF 2025!



Co-organizers Hamburger and Hurley thought it was important to have a music festival created and executed by the people who live, organize, and make art in the city. My Body, My Festival taps into the expansive organizing power of D.C.’s local music and abortion advocacy through DCAF’s long-standing relationships with community organizations, artists, and small and locally owned businesses across the city... My Body, My Festival is set to be a revolutionary celebration of D.C.’s strong local music scene, small businesses, and ongoing support for abortion access. ” - Serena Zets

Washington City Paper