And She Spoke

Alex Hamburger

With her debut quartet album And She Spoke, DC native flutist, singer, and composer Alex Hamburger brings together a collection of music inspired by the diverse and ever changing concept of the female voice.

Featuring original compositions heavily inspired by poetry written through the female voice and personalized arrangements of female-written compositions, And She Spoke pays homage to the Black American Music tradition, citing Alex’s background and mentors as fundamental inspiration, while providing a fresh outlook with palpably incandescent energy.

Recorded in Basel Switzerland, this project includes accomplished Brazilian pianist José Luiz Martins, who helps Alex sew the pieces together into a tapestry of voices and time through riveting chordal accompaniment and production assistance, alongside Connecticut native and 2020 recipient of the ASCAP Young Jazz Composer Award and John Lennon Songwriting Contest Chase Kuesel on drums. Chase’s natural ability to storytell through song brings resounding rhythmic life to each piece. Rounding off the quartet is world renowned bassist and “mainstay in the international music scene” Doug Weiss. Doug and Alex’s relationship kindled as one of a professor and student at SUNY Purchase to later evolve into mentor, friend, and now, fellow band member. Alex, José Luiz, and Chase began working together during Alex’s time in Basel as a member of the distinguished Focusyear program.

By Emma Lurye and Alex Hamburger
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